Pymble Renovations


An elegant home renovation

Potts Point Renovation


Keeping the classic charm intact while updating and refreshing this old school studio apartment

Lugarno Renovation


Pool transformation in Lugarno


Grand Bathrooms

3 luxurious bathrooms with matt black fittings, and an owner with superb taste for quality finishes.

Interior Refresh

Turning an old room into a modern master bedroom the owner would be happy to show off.

Riverside Deck

Our client wanted more from their river view, but were concerned about site access and a difficult slope. A level deck was completed with steel structure, stainless steel wiring, hardwood decking, balustrade and steps.


Home Makeover

Turning an old house with broken up rooms into an open living style house, with views in every direction.

Full House Renovations

Giving an old house a complete makeover, by making it functional year-round and aesthetically pleasing.

Open Plan Dining

Creating an open style living and dining room by installing steel beams, removing walls and maximising floor space to execute a kitchen the owners can be proud of.


Outdoor Living

Extending a balcony and undercover area to create a weatherproof outdoor area that our clients are excited to show off.

Outdoor Timber

This client wanted the outside of their house to have a striking feature. Blackbutt timber steps and railings were the hardwood of choice.

River Life

Turning an unusable space by the river into an amazing self contained area, creating a great entertaining area for our clients.